Partners for Advanced Transportation TecHnology
About California PATH
Established in 1986, Partners for Advanced Transportation TecHnology (PATH) is administered by the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) at the University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with Caltrans. PATH is a multi-disciplinary program with staff, faculty, and students from universities statewide, and cooperative projects with private industry, state and local agencies, and non-profit institutions.
News and Events

The National Transit Institute is pleased to announce the availability of its newly developed two-day course, Integrating Transit Applications: Defining Data Interfaces Using TCIP. The delivery of this course will be held June 21-22, 2011, Richmond, CA. The course is being hosted by the University of California at Berkeley. Click here for more information and registration.

Traffic MAPPATH and CCIT Merge Centers.

The California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) has merged with the California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH).

The merge has been in the planning stages for many months and is effective January 18, 2011, with the opening of the spring semester. "The PATH-CCIT union is a positive and exciting development for the two merging centers and for ITS Berkeley as a research organization," said Thomas West, CCIT's director for the past four years, and the co-director, along with Professor Roberto Horowitz, of the newly merged center. Read the full story.

New PATH2Go Transit Application

Volunteers wanted to participate in new pilot project by researchers at California PATH to test smartphone app.

PATH Annual Report

Summary of PATH Research Projects for the past year.


California PATH

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   California PATH Research Programs
Traffic MAP
Traffic Operations Research
Focuses on advancing the state-of-the-art in traffic management and traveler information systems, and producing results that can be implemented in the field.
Traffic MAP
Transportation Safety Research
Continues to extend traditional areas of competency at PATH, mainly in vehicle-highway cooperation and communication, and "science of driving" investigations on driving behavior.
Traffic MAP
Modal Applications Research
Investigates new concepts, methods, and technologies for innovating, enhancing and improving transit solutions.
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