VII California

VII California Call for Submissions (CFS) News:

The Call for Submissions can be downloaded from here.

The time period for preparing a response to the CFS has been lengthened. Instead of the four-week period listed in the draft CFS, the new tentative deadline for submission will be September 30, 2006, an eight-week period.

What is VII California?

VII California is a public-private partnership spearheaded by Caltrans and MTC to understand Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration, which will allow us to:

  • Better manage the safety and productivity of the surface transportation system;
  • Combine the resources, research, and innovations of the public sector, the auto industry, aftermarket suppliers, and other private sector participants for the benefit of the traveling public;
  • Build upon California's already considerable existing infrastructure investments; and
  • Create opportunities for innovation in the transportation system, and explore commercial uses of the system to fund its deployment and operation.
What's next? The VII California Testbed.

The VII California partners believe that while VII goals are achievable, before the California partners or the nation can commit the financial resources and support any companion legislative actions, there needs to be evidence of the feasibility and value of VII. This evidence should be based on a combination of field testing and off-line simulation work. The field testing results should be made available in timely fashion to inform national program decision milestones.

Can you tell us more? pdfs/NorCalVIITestBedWhitePaper060404.pdf

What is the opportunity for partnership?

A Call for Submissions workshop on Monday, 24 April, in Oakland, California will allow prospective partners to understand VII California, and, we hope, join our effort.

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