Joe Butler

Engineering Manager

409A McLaughlin Hall, MC 1720
Berkeley, CA 94720
United States
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Joe Butler is the program and engineering manager responsible for a multimillion dollar NextGeneration Integrated Corridor Management (NGICM) research and development effortfocusing on active transportation and demand management (ATDM).  In the last ten years he has grown large (50+ personnel) organizations from scratch and helped retool existing organizations. He managed these organizations in the collaborative definition, developmentand delivery of successful products.


  • Masters Degree in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 
  • Undergraduate Degree in Biochemistry from same UC extension courses in Bioinformatics, Accounting, Philosophy, Statistics, etc.

Work Experience

2008 – Present, University of California, Berkeley - PATH (Partners for AdvancedTransportation TechnologyNext Generation Integrated Corridor Management (NGICM) Program Manager  
Program Manager for a 5 year $20,000,000 research and development program focused onbringing Next Generation Integrated Corridor Management Strategies to over 40 corridors inCalifornia. We are using ATDM methods and plan to integrate with DMA opportunitiescurrently being developed by sister organizations at PATH. We are also researching newsocial networking techniques to develop the first truly collaborative transportationmanagement system.Program required staffing up a complete organization consisting of research, engineering,marketing and back office functions. Current staff, academic and consulting head countexceeds 50 personnel.  Funding is provided by state (Caltrans) and federal (USDOT) grantscombined with investments by members of our industry consortium. We continually seekout funding, personnel, leadership and success through presentations (TRB, ITS, etc) andpartnerships with leaders in the transportation field.

Mobile Millennium Program Manager
Program manager for the Mobile Millennium project (, a highlyvisible and successful research program focused on crowd sourcing traffic information usingmobile phones and other GPS enabled devices. The 25 person team consisted of PhDstudent researchers, post docs, software engineers and interns. We interacted on a regularbasis with media (TV, Radio, Magazines, Web Sites, Blogs, Journals, Conferences, etc) aswell as senior management, academic leaders and industry partners.Upon arrival I organized the team and setup project management and developmentprocesses for both a QOS constrained real time data processing system and an associated data warehouse. Production system was online 14 hours a day X 5 days a week (dailytraffic).  Our PostgreSQL database has over half a terabyte of data contained in 150 tables.

2007 – 2008, Risk Management Solutions, Newark CA.
Director of application development responsible for leading 22 people (9 in India) in thedevelopment of a business intelligence (BI) decision support tool for the insurance industry.Also responsible for developing a new .NET architecture and development process used tobuild and deliver the application. I worked closely with Product Management, ProjectManagement, Model Management and Quality Assurance.

2005 to 2007 - Streamline Solutions, San Rafael, CA.
Hands on leader of 5 person team responsible for development of a new .NET framework.Methods implemented include a .NET C#/VB/ADO.NET/ASP 2.0, agile, business object based,unit test maintained, continuous integration development environment (SDLC). Alsoresponsible for .NET 3.0 prototypes including WPF, WCF, WWF, LINQ and Silverlight. Alsoresearched/prototyped Ruby and Rails. Studied F#.

2004 to 2005 - Countrywide Home Loans, Simi Valley, CA.  
Consultant responsible for architecting and building the first rich internet applicationreleased into production at Countrywide. Participated in the development of a 3-tierdisconnected rich client home inspection system. System used Web Services and ADO.NETto transfer data between a rich client windows front end and back end IIS servers. Webservices retrieved data from AS400 and SQL Server systems and initiated work flows.

2003 to 2004 - IdeaBlade Inc., San Francisco, CA.  
Hands on development manager responsible for creating, growing and managing theengineering, IT and consulting functions (12 Personnel) for a company offering product andconsulting services in the .NET arena. Developed and taught .NET courseware. Personallyworked on architecture and code for several consulting projects.2001 to 2003 - Gorilla Genomics, Alameda, CA. Hands on manager responsible for Order Management, Bioinformatics (DNA MolecularBeacon Generation), Manufacturing (Plate Layout, Machine Control Files and ProcessMonitoring), Inventory and Fulfillment systems.  

2000 to 2001 – ezboard, San Francisco, CA.  
Responsible for development, web site design, quality assurance and IT operations (20+personnel). Implemented scalable architecture resulting in 100% growth to 450,000,000page views a month and 3,000,000 registered users. At the time it was one of the top 20sites, as measured in page views, in the world.  

1989 - 2000 - ObjectWare Inc., San Francisco, CA.
As a founding member of ObjectWare, I built an engineering organization spanning multiplecontinents that consistently built, delivered and supported products over a 10 year timespan.Personally developed and/or managed the development of over 15 products. Products weredeveloped in Smalltalk, C and Java, executed on PC platforms and accessed DB2, Oracleand SQL Server databases on servers and mainframes.

1983 to 1989 - Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.
Led a team that improved manufacturing methods by integrating data and processes forCAE, CAD, CAM and CAT.