Photo Gallery 2

Trunk of Toyota Evo-lutionary Scenario Demo Vehicle









Toyota Evolution-ary Scenario Demo Team










Toyota Evo-lutionary ScenarioDemo Team











Status Display in Honda Control Transition Scenario Demo Vehicle








Sparkling Water Shower for Honda Vehicles Returning at End of Final Demo Run







Honda Exhibit in Exhibit Tent










Honda Control Transition Scenario Team









Ohio State Alternative Technology Demo Vehicles Practicing Overtaking Maneuver at TRC Ohio







Mainten-ance Demo Team with Infra-structure Diagnostic Vehicle and Debris Recovery Vehicle






Mainten-ance Demo Infra-structure Diagnostic Vehicle









Interior of Infra-structure Diagnostic Vehicle









Eaton-VORAD Collision Warning Demo on I-15








Waiting to start Demo from tent in South Control Yard









Eaton-VORAD truck and target Corvette on I-15









Eaton-VORAD Team photo










Eaton-VORAD Team photo











Sparkling water shower for Eaton-VORAD vehicles at end of last Demo run







Eaton-VORAD Exhibit in Exhibit Tent










Demo Operations Team











Complete Demo 97 Team