Alexander A. Kurzhanskiy

Assistant Research Engineer

Richmond Field Station, MC 3580
Richmond, CA 94804
United States
Email Address: 


Alex Kurzhanskiy received his M.S in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science from Lomonosov Moscow University and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at Berkeley. He joined PATH as a Postdoctoral Researcher in 2008 and became an Assistant Research Engineer in 2011.

In 2013-14 Mr. Kurzhanskiy was a technical lead from UC Berkeley side of the pilot Interstate 680 Corridor System Management Plan project conducted by Connected Corridors for Caltrans District 4, which aimed at trying out novel approaches of traffic modeling and simulation for operations planning. He was responsible for developing calibration and simulation model quality evaluation tools for operations planning.

In 2012-14 Mr. Kurzhanskiy had actively contributed to various parts of the Connected Corridors program. He educated the team of software developers about the traffic engineering problems the program is solving and made significant impact on the software system design. Participating in research meetings and working with graduate students individually, he provides valuable guidance and mentorship to junior researchers.

In 2006-12 Mr. Kurzhanskiy was a key member of Tools for Operational Planning (TOPL) project, where his responsibilities and contributions included oversight and coordination of graduate student work, participation in the development of traffic simulation and on-line traffic network editing software, as well as  various theoretical contributions. These include a new traffic simulation methodology based on wave propagation concepts, a probabilistic traffic sensor model, and new techniques for coordinating strings of traffic signals.

Mr. Kurzhanskiy is the author of Aurora Road Network Modeler (RNM) ©  – a set of tools for operational planning and management of travel corridors (road networks comprised of freeways and surrounding urban arterials) and analysis of their performance. It is based on the Aurora object-oriented framework for simulation and analysis of flow networks and is implemented in Java. Aurora RNM has been used by transportation researchers in over twenty countries around the world. Since 2010, Aurora RNM was taught in the graduate course “Traffic Operations” in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley (CEE 255).

Mr. Kurzhanskiy is the author of CTMSIM © -interactive freeway traffic macro-simulator for MATLAB. CTMSIM has proved to be a handy tool for transportation researchers who can use it for evaluating ramp metering algorithms and for estimating the impact of different response times in the incident management.

Research interests and expertise

  • Transportation: Traffic Engineering, Traffic Modeling & Simulation, Traffic Signal Control, GIS, Traffic Data Collection & Processing
  • Dynamical Systems: Automatic Control Theory and Applications, Stochastic Processes
  • Partial Differential Equations: Numerical Methods, Inverse Problems
  • Cyber-Physical Systems: Dynamic Modeling, Estimation, Simulation and Control
  • Data Science: Time Series Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Convex Optimization, Compressed Sensing
  • Information Technology: Distributed Computation, Parallelization, MapReduce, CUDA and GPU computing


Journal Papers

Traffic Management: An Outlook
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and P. Varaiya. Invited Paper. To be published in Economics of Transportation Special Issue: Transportation Science.  2014

Modeling Toll Lanes and Dynamic Pricing Control
E. Dorogush and A.A. Kurzhanskiy. Submitted to Transportation Research, Part C. In Revision.  2014

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Conference Papers

Macroscopic freeway model calibration with partially observed data. A case study.  
G. Dervisoglu , A.A. Kurzhanskiy , G. Gomes and R. Horowitz. American Control Conference, Portland, OR.  2014

Control Experiments for A Network of Signalized Intersections Using the ‘.Q’ Simulator
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Using Aurora Road Network Modeler for Active Traffic Management
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and P. Varaiya. American Control Conference, Baltimore. Invited paper.  2010

Aurora RNM – A Macroscopic Simulation Tool for Arterial Traffic Modeling and Control
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Set-Valued Estimation of Freeway Traffic Density
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Aurora Road Network Modeler
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Congestion in ACTM Model
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Ellipsoidal Toolbox (ET)
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and P. Varaiya. 45th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, San Diego.  2006

Book Chapters

Active Traffic Management

P. Varaiya and A.A. Kurzhanskiy. Chapter 20 of “Homi Bhabha and the Computer Revolution”,
R.K. Shyamasundar and M.A. Pai, Editors. Oxford University Press.  2011

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Technical Reports and Working Papers

Online Traffic Simulation Service for Highway Incident Management
A.A. Kurzhanskiy. Final report: SHRP 2 Reliability IDEA Project L15C. Online:  2013

Strategic Placement of Loop Detectors for Improving the Efficiency of Ramp Metering
K. Chung, G. Gomes, S.H. Park, A.A. Kurzhanskiy, and S.-Y. Kho. Working paper.  2010

Macroscopic Modeling of Multiple Vehicle Types and Freeways with HOV Lanes
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and A. Muralidharan. Working paper. Online:  2009

Aurora – Object-Oriented Framework for Simulation and Analysis of Flow Networks
A.A. Kurzhanskiy, J. Kwon, and P. Varaiya. Working paper. Online:  2008

CTMSIM – An Interactive Macroscopic Traffic Simulator for MATLAB
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and P. Varaiya. Working paper. Online:  2008

Modeling and Software Tools for Freeway Operational Planning
A.A. Kurzhanskiy. PhD Thesis. Online:  2007

Ellipsoidal Toolbox
A.A. Kurzhanskiy and P. Varaiya. Technical Report 2006-46, EECS, UC Berkeley.  2006