Xiao-Yun Lu

Research Engineer

Richmond Field Station, Bldg 452, MC 3580
1357 S. 46th Street
Richmond, CA 94804
United States
Email Address: 


Dr. Xiao-Yun Lu, is a research engineer at California PATH.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Sichuan University, China (1982), a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from the Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1985), and his Ph. D. in Systems and Control from University of Manchester, UK (1994).

Dr. Xiao-Yun Lu worked as a research associate at University of Leicester UK (1994-1999) and joined PATH in April 1999. He has 29 years of experience in systems modeling, control and optimization and 14 years of experience with specialized expertise in traffic systems detection, modeling, control design, micro/macro simulation, real-time implementation, and vehicle system modeling and longitudinal control.  His recent significant accomplishments include:

  • freeway corridor traffic detection, modeling, simulation, optimal control algorithm development with combined Variable Speed Limit (VSL) and Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM); 
  • coordination of freeway ramp metering and arterial corridor intersection traffic signal control;
  • vehicle speed estimation using signal loop event data;
  • VSL conceptual implementation: VSL along a freeway corridor calculated based PeMS 30s real-time traffic data and feed back to the driver on CACC vehicle with (I2V);
  • control design, simulation, implementation and field test in Nevada of 3-truck platooning for mobility and energy efficiency improvement using DSRC V2V;
  • coordinated merging algorithm development and implementation on 3 passenger cars;
  • freeway saturated traffic shock wave analysis from NGSIM data;
  • driver safe following distance advisory; systematic loop fault detection and data correction; and
  • freeway non-recurrent bottleneck quick detection with sub-second loop data.

He is a member of TRB Traffic Monitoring Committee (ABJ35) and ATM (Active Traffic Management) Subcommittee; reviewer of Mathematical Review.

A. Profession Preparation:

BSc., 1982,  Mathematics, Sichuan University, China

MSc., 1985, Applied Mathematics, Institute of Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Ph. D.1994, Systems and Control Engineering, University of Manchester , the United Kingdom

B. Academic Appointments:

  • Lecturer of Applied Mathematics and Director of Fundamental Math. Group, 05/85-10/89, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Sichuan University, China; 
  • Research Associate, Department of Engineering, Univ. of Leicester, U. K. 03/94 - 04/99  
  • Associate Research Engineer (04/99) and Research Engineer(07/08), California PATH, U. C.  Berkeley

C. Research Experiences and Interests:  With over 25 years experience in systems modeling, measurement, estimation, simulation, optimization, control, and real-time implementationtraffic monitoring, sensor detection and fusiontraffic system modeling, estimation, control and optimizationvehicle and highway automationgoods movementairport ground access planningvehicle dynamics and controlactive vehicle and intersection safety. Principal investigator/researcher of multiple PATH projects.

D. Synergistic Activities and Honors: Member of TRB Highway Traffic Monitoring Committee (ABJ35), TRB Active Traffic Management Sub-committee, and previous MTC Advisory Council; Reviewer of Mathematical Review; Recipient of 2008 IET ITS Best Paper Awards; Editor of several international  journals.

E. Selected publications:

  • X. Y. Lu and A. Skabardonis, Freeway Traffic Shockwave Analysis: Exploring the NGSIM Trajectory Data, 86th TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., Jan. 21-25, 2007
  • X. Y. Lu and B. Coifman, Highway Traffic Data Sensitivity Analysis, California PATH – Final Report, UCB-ITS-PRR-2007-3, 2006, U.C. Berkeley
  • X. Y. Lu, A. Skabardonis and T. Qiu, Using sub-second dual loop station data for congestion onset detection, 2nd  Int. Symp. on Freeway and Tollway Ops, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2009
  • A. Chow, X. Y. Lu, and T. Qiu, and S. Shladover, An empirical analysis of freeway breakdown, CD ROM of 2nd  Int. Symp. on Freeway and Tollway Ops, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 21-24, 2009
  • X. Y. Lu, P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, and S. Skabardonis, Fundamental Diagram modeling from NGSIM data, submitted to 2nd  Int. Symp. on Freeway and Tollway Ops, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 21-24, 2009
  • X. Y. Lu, P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, D. y. Su, and S. E. Shladover, New Approach for Combined Freeway Variable Speed Limits and Coordinated Ramp Metering, IEEE ITS Conference, Sept. 19-22, Madeira Island, Portugal
  •  X. Y. Lu, P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, and A. Skabardonis, An equivalent second model based on flow and speed, CD ROM of 12th IFAC Symp. on Contr. in Trans. Syst. (CTS’09), Sept 2-4, 2009, Redondo Beach
  • X. Y. Lu, T. Z. Qiu, P. Varaiya,R. Horowitz, and S. E. Shladover, Combining Variable Speed Limits with Ramp Metering for freeway traffic control, 2010 American Control Conference
  • Z. J. Qiu, and X. Y. Lu, and Chow, A. H. F., and Steven E. Shladover, Freeway Traffic Density Estimation with Loop Detector and Probe Vehicle Data, 89th TRB Annual Meeting, 2010, Washington D. C., to appear in TRR
  • A. H. F. Chow, X. Y. Lu, Z. J. Qiu, S. Shladover, and H. Yeo, An empirical study of traffic breakdown for Variable Speed Limit and Ramp Metering control, 89th TRB Annual Meeting, 2010, Washington D. C.,  Jan.10-14, 2010
  • X. Y. Lu, P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, and J. Palen, Dual Loop Data Correction at Microscopic Level, NATMEC-June 21-24 2010, Seattle, WA.
  • X. Y. Lu and J. Palen, Integrated Data System Structure for Active Traffic Management - Planning and Operation, NATMEC-June 21-24 2010, Seattle, WA.
  • Lu, X. Y., P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz, D. Su and S. E. Shladover A novel freeway traffic control with variable speed limit and coordinated ramp metering, presented at 90th TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C., Jan. 23-27, 2011
  • Su, D., X. Y. Lu, P. Varaiya, R. Horowitz and S. E. Shladover, Variable Speed Limit and Ramp Metering Design for Congestion Caused by Weaving, presented at 90th TRB Annual Meeting, Washington, D. C., Jan. 23-27, 2011

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